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        Contact Us
        ADD: No.9 Building Wenfeng North Road, Luhe District, Nanjing City,People's Republic of China
        Tel: 0086-25-57506968
        Linkman: Jack Fan
        Email: pepaper@126.com Jack
        Email: pepaper1@hotmail.com
        Skype: pe_paper
        Fax: 0086-25-57507928
        Zip Code: 211500
         Contact Us


        NanJing jili paper products Co.,Ltd is specializing in the production of green products - disposable PE coated paper(paper cup paper) products enterprises. Company to "develop the paper products industry, protecting the ecological environment, safeguard human health" for operating purposes, the use of advanced technology and equipment, production of 2.5 ounces to 32 ounces of different specifications disposable PE coated paper(paper cup paper). And according to the different needs of users, different specifications customized for PE coated paper(paper cup paper), PE coated paper(paper cup paper) can be printed on the customer requirements of the various pictorial and text products are waterproof, anti-oil, heat, leakage and pollution-free, no odor, strength, and texture, and can be natural degradation, recovery value major features. Company sanitation clean, stable and reliable product quality, aesthetics generous. Paper cups widely used in fast food, restaurants, train station terminal, insurance, civil aviation, health care, financial, telecommunications, government agencies and other enterprises and institutions, selling products throughout the country.

        To your health, in order to the world of green environment, welcome to use jili paper products Co.,Ltd produced a one-time PE coated paper(paper cup paper),paper cup,paper tableware !

        If you have any questions,Contact Us,by sending E-mail or writing a letter to me.

        Once again welcome you here
        PE coated paper(paper cup paper) PE coated paper(paper cup paper) PE coated paper(paper cup paper)


        NanJing JiLi paper products Co.,Ltd. Co.,Ltd.
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